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Unnamed Sky Spirits

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List of unnamed Sky Spirits.

Sky Spirit in Delta Quadrant

Sky Spirits

The Sky Spirit encountered by Chakotay.

This alien was encountered by Chakotay while he was seeking minerals needed for Voyager. Chakotay thought the planet was an uninhabited. He was surprised when the sky spirit spoke the language of his ancestors. The alien recognized the symbol on Chakotay's forehead which his ancestors also wore.

The sky spirit had visited Earth thousands of years prior and met with Chakotay's ancestors who they called the inheritors. When they returned to Earth many years later they could find no trace of the inheritors and assumed that they had been wiped out by other humans. When Voyager approached their planet, they became fearful that the Humans would wipe them out, so they caused violent storms that almost destroyed Voyager. After Chakotay explained to them that the human race had changed, the storms stopped and Voyager was saved. They also provided Chakotay with the minerals he was seeking. (VOY: "Tattoo")

The Sky Spirit was played by actor Richard Fancy.

Ancient Sky Spirit

Ancient Sky Spirit

A Sky Spirit in ancient times on Earth.

The Ancient Sky Spirit alien visited Earth along with other sky spirits approximately 45,000 years ago. He came across a group of primitive nomadic Humans who he called the Inheritors. Impressed by their respect for the land, the beings gifted the people with a genetic bond. He and the others are the Sky Spirits Chakotay's people have worshipped for countless generations. (VOY: "Tattoo")

This sky spirit was played by regular background extra Kevin Grover, who received no credit for his appearance.

Earth Sky Spirit

Earth Sky Spirit

A Sky Spirit from Earth.

The Earth Sky Spirit met Chakotay and his father Kolopak, who were searching for their ancestors. The father attempts to teach Chakotay about the Sky Spirits and their role in Indian history. The Earth sky spirit accepts the father after the father draws a symbol called a CHAH-mooz-ee, a blessing to the land. The sky spirit and his tribe's ancestors were visited in ancient times by the Sky Spirits who bestowed a genetic bond on them. He gives Kolopak a tattoo in the style of the Sky Spirits. (VOY: "Tattoo")

The descendant of the Sky Spirits on Earth was played by actor Richard Chaves.

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