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Unnamed Skagarans

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List of unnamed Skagarans

Hanged man

Skagaran (Dead)

A dead Skagaran, after being hanged for murder

This male Skagaran lived on the "North Star" planet. He was also an acquaintance of Draysik, who knew this Skagaran did not drink alcohol.

In 2153, this Skagaran shot and killed Clay Stanton in self defense. He was subsequently lynched by a mob headed by Deputy Bennings. (ENT: "North Star")

This Skagaran was played by uncredited stunt actor Mike Watson.

School children

These school children were taught lessons by schooteacher Bethany at night in an isolated place, as it was illegal to teach Skagarans to read, write, or calculate.(ENT: "North Star")

These Skagaran children, of whom there were at least six in the school scene, were played by unknown performers.

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