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These unnamed individuals visited the Shipyard Bar near the Riverside Shipyard in Riverside, Iowa in 2255.

Alien bar patron Edit

This alien, species unknown, visited the Shipyard Bar in Riverside, Iowa on Earth in 2255 and witnessed a bar fight between James T. Kirk and four Starfleet cadets. (Star Trek)

These aliens were portrayed by background performers who received no credit for their appearance.
Jim Nieb's character was nicknamed "Sal" by the production team and make-up artists to distinguish him from the other alien characters.

People sitting at the bar counter Edit

Barflies Edit

Thes two Human barflies shared a drink in the Shipyard Bar when Kirk got into a fight with four Starfleet Academy cadets. (Star Trek)

The two barflies were cameo parts played by director J.J. Abrams's father and father-in-law.

Long faced alien Edit

Long faced alien, Shipyard bar

A long faced alien

This long faced alien was a visitor of the Shipyard Bar at the same time Kirk tried to flirt with Uhura. He sat between the two at the bar and had a drink. He later witnessed the bar fight between Kirk and four Starfleet Academy cadets. (Star Trek)

This alien was played by stuntman and creature actor Douglas Tait. Derek Mears was originally cast in the role, but backed out due to scheduling conflicts and recommended Tait as his replacement.[1]
During the production he was called "Brian" by the production team and make-up artists to distinguish him from the other aliens.
The virtual collectible card battle game Star Trek: Rivals has him listed as card #5, Alien "Barfly" Brian.

Others Edit

Apart from the two barflies, the long faced alien, Kirk and Uhura, these people were also sitting at the bar counter.

Starfleet cadets Edit

Burly cadets Edit

These three Starfleet Academy cadets got into a fight with James T. Kirk after the fourth of them, "Cupcake", tried to protect Uhura. Kirk flirted with Uhura and the cadets were unhappy with this. During the following bar fight they've hit Kirk several times and bruised his face. Their fight was stopped when Captain Christopher Pike piped and sent all visitors out. (Star Trek)

All three cadets were played by stuntmen and only Marcus Young received credit for his part.

Cadet in corridor Edit

Shipyard bar Cadet 4 corridor

Cadet in corridor

This male cadet was standing in the corridor leading to the main room of the bar when Uhura passed, and briefly greeted her as if they were acquainted.

Conversing cadets Edit

These two male cadets were sitting at a table conversing.

Cadet with blue drink Edit

Shipyard bar Cadet 5

cadet sitting at table

This cadet was seen sitting at a table with three civilians while they were drinking blue drinks.

Cadet greeted by Uhura Edit

Shipyard bar Cadet 6

A friend of Uhura

When Uhura entered the bar, she stopped in her tracks to greet this female cadet with phallic haircut.

Cadet crossed by Uhura Edit

This female cadet was crossed by Uhura while walking to the bar.

Shipyard bar Cadet 7

Female cadet

Cadet talking to girls Edit

Shipyard bar Cadet 8

cadet talking to girls

This male cadet was seen talking to two girls shortly before the fight.

Cadets looking at fight Edit

When the fight started, these two cadets were among those worriedly observing it. The second cadet quickly composed his stature when he realized that Pike had arrived. (Star Trek)

Blond cadet Edit

Shipyard bar Cadet 11

A blond cadet

This cadet with long blond hair was trying to keep some distance from the fighting men.

Protective cadet Edit

Shipyard bar Cadet 12

Handsome cadet

This cadet was seen talking to a girl before the fight. When the fight broke out, he tried to protect her, but this start of a great love story was nipped in the bud when he was ordered by Pike to leave the bar along with the other cadets.

Short cadet Edit

Shipyard bar Cadet 13

Short cadet

This female cadet stood out as comparatively very short compared to other bar visitors.

Another unusually short cadet can be seen outside Starfleet Academy when Kirk and McCoy exit discussing the Kobayashi Maru test. While neither performer can be seen clearly enough to be certain, these might be the same.

Human bar patrons Edit

These Humans visited the Shipyard Bar in 2255 and witnessed the confrontation of James T. Kirk with four Starfleet cadets and the following bar fight. (Star Trek)

These Humans were played by background performers who received no credit for their appearance.

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