The following is a list of unnamed Selay.

Selay at conference Edit

Selay at conference

A Selay at the conference

This Selay was participating in the Trade Agreements Conference held on Betazed in 2366. He was present at the closing reception of the conference, held in Ten Forward aboard the USS Enterprise-D. (TNG: "Ménage à Troi")

This Selay was played by an unknown actor who wore Ssestar's orange robe from the episode "Lonely Among Us".

Selay delegation Edit

A delegation of four Selay accompanied Ssestar aboard the Enterprise-D to be transported to the planet Parliament in 2364. Together with their chief delegate, they hunted down Antican delegates on the engineering deck and were later arrested in their quarters when they caught Commander William T. Riker with one of their hunting tools. (TNG: "Lonely Among Us")

Ssestar could be differentiated from the other Selay by his clothing. He wore an orange robe, all the other delegates were dressed in red.

Selay in the Bonestell Recreation Facility Edit

Selay at Bonestell

A Selay

This Selay was present on Starbase Earhart in the Bonestell Recreation Facility in 2327 and watched a dom-jot game. (TNG: "Tapestry")

This Selay was played by an unknown performer.
He wore a red robe like the other delegates in "Lonely Among Us".

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