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List of unnamed Remans.

22nd century

Reman bodyguards

Reman bodyguards

The two Reman bodyguards protecting Senator Vrax.

Two Reman bodyguards were protecting Senator Vrax. (ENT: "United", "The Aenar")

They were played by regular background performers Marti Matulis and John Jurgens, both received no credit for their appearances. A deleted scene from ENT: "The Aenar", available on the ENT Season 4 DVD, revealed that both Vrax and Valdore were placed under arrest by these Remans.

24th century

Enterprise-E boarding party

This Reman boarding party beamed aboard the Enterprise-E to kidnap Captain Jean-Luc Picard. They were stopped by Commander William T. Riker, Worf, and a group of security officers. (Star Trek Nemesis)

These Remans were played by background and stunt performers. The Reman on the far right side and on the picture alone was played by stuntman Tom Morga.

Picard's guard

Reman guarding Picard

A Reman officer

This Reman officer guarded Jean-Luc Picard when he was taken by Shinzon via transporter from the Enterprise to the Scimitar. He was fooled by Data, posing as B-4, into letting Picard free before he was incapacited by a Vulcan nerve pinch from Data. The guard had came to by the time he was discovered by Shinzon and the viceroy. Having found that Picard was gone, Shinzon ordered that the guard be killed. He was promptly shot by the viceroy. (Star Trek Nemesis)

This Reman was played by an unknown actor.

Reman in corridor

Reman in corridor

A Reman officer

This Reman officer tried to stop Captain Picard and Data aboard the Scimitar when they've escaped in a Reman shuttle and was shot. (Star Trek Nemesis)

This Reman was played by stuntman Tom Morga.

Reman Officer

Reman officer

A Reman officer

The officer was played by actor Robertson Dean.

Reman Subcommander

This part was played by background actor Michael Wickson who received no credit for this appearance.

Reman Viceroy

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