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The following is a list of unnamed Orions who lived during the 23rd century.

Captain Edit

Orion captain

An Orion captain

This Orion captain was the commanding officer of the Orion vessel that encountered the Federation starships, USS Huron and USS Enterprise in 2270.

He was to meet James T. Kirk on the surface of an asteroid to give him the strobolin the Orions had stolen from the Huron. However, in addition to bringing the strobolin with him to the asteroid surface, he carried a backpack full of explosives to use for killing Kirk and destroying the nearby Enterprise in the subsequent destruction of the unstable asteroid. The plot was foiled however when Montgomery Scott detected the explosive and removed its dilithium trigger with the transporter, before the Orion could carry out his mission. Kirk then stopped him from committing suicide with a poison pill. (TAS: "The Pirates of Orion")

Creepy man Edit

Creepy Orion

An Orion man

This Orion man was sitting in one of the tents at the Orion colony on Qo'noS in 2257. He asked Sylvia Tilly to sit next to him and when she started to talk, he asked a guard to get her out. Tilly then agreed to inhale volcanic vapor but went unconscious. When she woke up again, the Orion tried to cut her handcuffs, holding the case that supposedly contained a mapping drone. When Tilly asked him what is wrong with him he just replied that he is Orion. He also told Tilly that the volcanoes on Qo'noS were alive, causing Tilly to become suspicious of the contents of the case and open it to find a hydro bomb. (DIS: "Will You Take My Hand?")

This Orion was played by actor Clint Howard in his fourth Star Trek role over a stretch of 51 years.

San Francisco civilian Edit

Female Orion Chelsea civilian

A female Orion

This female Orion crossed a street in San Francisco on Earth in 2259 when Khan Noonien Singh passed her. (Star Trek Into Darkness)

This Orion was played by featured actress Julee Vadnais. The area she was in was identified as Chelsea by background materials.

Ensign Edit

Orion ensign

An Orion ensign

This Orion ensign was also an officer aboard the Orion vessel that encountered the USS Huron and USS Enterprise in 2270.

He served as the helmsman and following the capture of his captain, was instructed to initiate the self-destruct sequence. (TAS: "The Pirates of Orion")

Voiced by James Doohan.

Lieutenant Edit

Orion lieutenant

An Orion lieutenant

This Orion lieutenant served as science officer on board the Orion vessel that encountered the Huron and Enterprise in 2270. (TAS: "The Pirates of Orion")

The Orion lieutenant was voiced by Norm Prescott.
The novelization of "The Pirates of Orion" in Star Trek Log 5 gives his name as Cophot (β).

Starfleet crewmember Edit

Another unnamed Orion crewmember previously appeared in a deleted scene of Star Trek.

Weapons trader Edit

Orion weapons trader

A weapons trader

This female Orion was a weapons trader at the Orion colony on Qo'noS in 2257. She was approached by Philippa Georgiou, Sylvia Tilly, Michael Burnham, and Ash Tyler who sold her Nausicaan disruptor pistols for 2.000 darseks. (DIS: "Will You Take My Hand?")

The weapons dealer was played by actress Morgan Kohan.

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