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Unnamed Organians

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List of unnamed Organians.

Organian Observers 2154

Malcolm and Travis play chess

Two Organian Observers studied the crew of the the Enterprise NX-01 after two of its members, Commander Tucker and Ensign Sato contracted a virus.

The senior observer inhabited the body of Malcolm Reed, while his associate occupied the body of Ensign Travis Mayweather. Over the course Sato's and Tucker's illnesses, the two unnamed observers also inhabited to bodies of Captain Jonathan Archer, Subcommander T'Pol, Phlox and the two infected crewmen.

Although it was a violation of their protocols, they saved Tucker and Sato. (ENT: "Observer Effect")

Unnamed Organian Council Members

The Unnamed Organian Council Members were in 2267 members of the Council of Elders on Organia.

They helped to halt the Federation-Klingon war that year after Kor and his forces had occupied their homeworld and the Federation tried to intervene. (TOS: "Errand of Mercy")

The council members were played by unknown actors.

Organian villagers

Organian villagers were present when James T. Kirk and Spock beamed down to Organia. The villagers were a primitive, agrarian people who seem unconcerned about visitors materializing within their midst. (TOS: "Errand of Mercy")

Villagers were played by William Blackburn, Frank da Vinci, Ron Veto and by unknown performers. The performer on the third picture also frequently appeared as Bensen.
One of the villagers had a goat on a rope, another was putting an oxen cart. There were two couples, one of which was holding a basket. The rest of the villagers were mingling around the courtyard.

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