The following is a list of unnamed Nygeans.

Garon's guards Edit

The two guards were members of Commander Garon's crew.

They escorted Garon aboard the Voyager to the meeting with Captain Janeway in the briefing room. Later, they escaped with Garon and the USS Voyager from the Void using a polaron modulator developed by B'Elanna Torres and Garon. (VOY: "The Void")

Prisoner Edit

Nygean prisoner

A Nygean prisoner

This prisoner was among the Nygean and Benkaran prisoners who were beamed aboard the USS Voyager in 2377. (VOY: "Repentance")

This Nygean was played by an unknown actor.

Security officers Edit

These two security officers assisted warden Yediq in transporting eight Nygean and Benkaran prisoners aboard a Nygean prison ship and were forced to beam aboard the USS Voyager when their ship had a cascade core failure. Later they guarded the prisoners in the detention cells aboard Voyager and abused the prisoner Iko. (VOY: "Repentance")

Both officers were played by stunt performers who received no credit for their appearance.
Both costumes were sold off on the It's A Wrap! sale and auction on eBay. [1] [2]

Victim's family Edit

Nygean family

A Nygean family

This family heard the appeal of Iko, who had murdered one of their kin. They were asked for clemency. He told the family that he was willing to die for his crime, but if they let him live, he would never hurt anyone again. His appeal was turned down by the family and he was executed a short time later. (VOY: "Repentance")

All three Nygeans were played by unknown performers.
According to the script notes, there was to have been the victim's elderly parents, his widow and his teenage daughter, however, it appears only one parent appeared in the transmission.