The following is a list of unnamed Night Aliens.

Alien in corridor Edit

Night alien in corridor

A Night Alien

This Night Alien was discovered in a corridor aboard Voyager by Chakotay and Neelix. It started to attack the two but was stopped by Captain Janeway who fired at it. The alien escaped and was later transported back aboard one of their ships. (VOY: "Night")

According to the call sheets for the episode, this Night Alien was also played by guest actor Steve Dennis.

Alien in holodeck Edit

Night Alien

A Night Alien

This Night Alien lived in the Void and was one of seventeen aliens which beamed aboard the USS Voyager in 2375.

It was discovered on the holodeck by Tom Paris and Seven of Nine who were both trapped in the holographic program Captain Proton: Defender of the Earth. It attacked Paris but was wounded by Seven who shot at it. After Seven brought it to sickbay The Doctor was able to tell Captain Janeway that it was dying because of the pollution and the theta radiation in this area caused by the Malon.

The alien told Captain Janeway about the criminal activities of the Malon and asked for help. Janeway decided to help this species and brought this alien back to the rest of his species who beamed him back aboard one of their ships. (VOY: "Night")

This Night Alien was played by actor Steve Dennis in his first of a number of roles in the Star Trek universe.
In Trekkies 2, Ethan Phillips remarked that they would call this guy "captain's log" because he resembled a "big turd."
Dennis' costume was sold off on the It's A Wrap! sale and auction on eBay and is actually a bronze-colored jumpsuit. [1]