Alternate Reality
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List of unnamed Federation starships of the Newton-type.

2258 Edit

Starbase 1, alternate reality

Newton-type starships at Starbase 1, 2258

Prior to the destruction of Vulcan in 2258, three unnamed ships of this type were docked at Starbase 1. Two of the ships would later participate in the battle where they were destroyed. (Star Trek)

2259 Edit

Prior to the USS Enterprise's departure to Qo'noS in 2259, several unnamed ships of this type were at Starbase 1. One of these ships was departing from berth A6, behind the Enterprise, as the Takayama arrived, while another was docked at berth C4 and another at berth B6. One of these ships near berth E0 was in the process of docking or departing just as the Enterprise warped out from Earth orbit. (Star Trek Into Darkness)

The ship at berth C4 was seen on screen as the Enterprise retracted all moorings from the C-platform. The ship at B6 was seen more clearly on the cover of Cinefex, Issue 134, in the more wider rendering of the departure scene. The ship at B6 did not have it's name and registry printed on the saucer section hull. [1]