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Unnamed Nebula class starships

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Italic textA list of unnamed Federation starships of the Template:ShipClass.

By year

Wolf 359 starship

USS Melbourne wreckage, BoBW

Battle damaged, Nebula-class starship

An unnamed variant Nebula-class starship was destroyed in the Battle of Wolf 359. It was on fire by the time the USS Enterprise-D arrived at the site. (TNG: "The Best of Both Worlds, Part II"; DS9: "Emissary")

The model was labeled as the USS Melbourne, but that name was retconned onto an Excelsior-class vessel.
This model was also used in "Emissary" to represent a wrecked ship, though not on fire, during the battle at Wolf 359. Memory Alpha assumes these were the same ship, and that the fire(s) had either broken out or had gotten worse by the time the Enterprise arrived.

Qualor II hulk

Nebula at Qualor II

The hulk of an unnamed Nebula-class starship

In 2368, the hulk of an unnamed variant Nebula-class starship was stored at Surplus Depot Z15 in orbit of Qualor II. (TNG: "Unification I")

Like the ship above, this was a reuse of the model labeled as the USS Melbourne.
The footage of this vessel in "Unification I" was a reuse of the footage from the Wolf 359 debris field from "The Best of Both Worlds, Part II", though the damaged sections of the hull were clearly on fire in the "Best of Both Worlds, Part II" version. The model was later reused in "Emissary" along with the Excelsior-class USS Melbourne.

Pursuit vessel

Nebula class, non sequitur

An unnamed Nebula-class chases the USS Yellowstone

In 2372, in an alternate timeline, this unnamed Nebula-class starship pursued the USS Yellowstone runabout after it was stolen from spacedock by Harry Kim and Tom Paris.

Initially the ship was disabled as it passed through a cloud of tetryon plasma, but later caught up with the Yellowstone and subsequently damaged the runabout's warp drive, causing the runabout's destruction. (VOY: "Non Sequitur")

Though from an alternate reality, this ship most likely existed in the normal timeline.

Nebula class The Visitor

Docked at Deep Space 9

Alternate timeline

In late 2372, in an alternate timeline, this unnamed Nebula-class starship docked at Deep Space 9's upper pylon, when Starfleet decided to leave DS9 and the station was taken over by the Klingons. (DS9: "The Visitor")

Battle of Sector 001

Nebula class, first contact

An unnamed Nebula-class starship attacking the Borg

In 2373, this unnamed Nebula-class starship fought against the Borg in the Battle of Sector 001.

It joined in the assault on the Borg cube, led by the USS Enterprise-E, by firing several photon torpedoes at the coordinates defined by Captain Jean-Luc Picard. (Star Trek: First Contact)

Although not identified visually, it is possible that this ship is the otherwise-mentioned USS Lexington, which was referenced in comm chatter during the engagement. Some prints of Star Trek: First Contact do not include shots of this vessel.

Earth transport


Transport docked at Deep Space 9

Later in 2373, this unnamed Nebula-class starship served as a transport from Deep Space 9 to Earth.

Among the passengers aboard this vessel were Lewis Zimmerman, and Amsha and Richard Bashir. (DS9: "Doctor Bashir, I Presume")

This unidentified vessel reused footage of the USS Prometheus from "Second Sight", and was referenced in the script simply as "a Federation transport ship."

Second Battle of Chin'toka

Nebula class, the changing face of evil

Preparing for battle

In 2374, this unnamed Nebula-class starship was one of two that participated in the second Battle of Chin'toka.

Both were destroyed during the battle by the Breen's devastating new energy dampening weapon. (DS9: "The Changing Face of Evil")

Battle of Cardassia aftermath

Nebula class, What You Leave Behind

A Nebula-class ship waits near Cardassia Prime

This starship fought at the Battle of Cardassia. Following the battle, it waited with other Federation, Romulan, Klingon and Cardassian ships to launch an offensive against the Dominion forces on and in orbit of Cardassia Prime. (DS9: "What You Leave Behind")

Escort for USS Voyager

Uss voyager earth

A Nebula-class (bottom) vessel escorts USS Voyager.

In 2378, a ship of this class was part of the fleet which escorted the USS Voyager towards Earth. (VOY: "Endgame")

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