List of Nausicaan raiders.

Pirate ship Edit

This raider attacked the ECS Fortunate several times. During one raid on the Fortunate, one of the crewmembers was captured by the Fortunate. The cargo ship, under the command of its first officer, got the codes to disable the Nausicaan pirate ship's weapons. After attacking the Nausicaan captain's ship, they found themselves outnumbered by the other Nausicaan ships.

Enterprise intervened in the dispute and tried to settle it in a peaceful manner. At first, the captain threatened to destroy the cargo ship unless his crewmember was released. He disabled the Fortunate, and the Nausicaans boarded the freighter to retrieve the captive. Captain Jonathan Archer hailed the Nausicaan captain to negotiate a peaceful solution, letting the freighter go in exchange for the hostage. Faced with the superior firepower of Enterprise, the Nausicaan captain agreed to let Archer deliver the prisoner, and he ceased his attack on the cargo ship. (ENT: "Fortunate Son")

Reinforcement ships Edit

These two raiders were docked at a one of the Nausicaan cargo stations. When the lead Nausicaan raider was followed by the ECS Fortunate. These two raiders detached from the station and along with the lead ship attacked and disabled the Fortunate. One of these ships boarded the Fortunate so its boarding party could retrieved one of their own who was taken prisoner. The Nausicaans retrieved their crewman after Captain Archer and Travis Mayweather told Ryan to stand down. The two Nausicaan raiders along with the lead ship left the Fortunate alone. (ENT: "Fortunate Son")

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