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Unnamed Malurians

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List of unnamed Malurians.

Akaali Male

The unnamed Malurian male, posing as an Akaali, was an inhabitant of a pre-industrial society during the mid-22nd century. The Malurians were secretly mining the Akaali homeworld for veridium. Their operation contaminated the water system causing a plague on the planet. When Jonathan Archer and Riann saw a this Malurian man hauling crates out of a shop, they followed him. They watched as he left the crates in an open field to a Malurian shuttle that took the crates with a tractor beam. Archer chased the Malurian and fought with him, stunning him. Archer pulled his prosthetic disguise off which revealed the Malurian's scaly-gray alien skin. (ENT: "Civilization")

Played by Charlie Brewer.

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