List of unnamed Ledosians.

Ambassador Edit

Ledosian ambassador

The Ledosian ambassador to Voyager

The Ledosian ambassador contacted USS Voyager for the Ledosian government concerning their decisions and warnings regarding the energy barrier. He explained that the energy barrier was constructed centuries ago by aliens to protect the native Ventu from the Ledosian ancestors who could have destroyed the Ventu culture. (VOY: "Natural Law")

The Ledosian ambassador was played by Robert Curtis Brown.

Port authority officer Edit

Ledosian traffic officer

A Ledosian officer contacts the Delta Flyer II

While Tom Paris was doing some complex maneuvers at high velocities around several stations in orbit of Ledos, a port authority officer hailed him and informed him he was in violation of their traffic laws. He informed Kathryn Janeway that Paris' punishment for breaking their traffic laws was to complete a three-day course in piloting safety. (VOY: "Natural Law")

The port authority officer was played by actor Matt McKenzie.

Scientists Edit

These four Ledosian scientists were part of the surveying team led by Doctor Barus to civilize the Ventu and make the best of their land after the energy barrier between the two cultures was disabled by Voyager.

They were transported from the planet by Tom Paris aboard the Delta Flyer II and then Paris destroyed the shuttle deflector dish that was keeping the barrier open. (VOY: "Natural Law")

The costume worn by Michael Moutsatsos was sold off on the It's A Wrap! sale and auction on eBay. [1]

Ventu girl Edit

Ventu girl

A Ventu girl

This Ventu girl was part of a tribe of natives on planet Ledos. She was curious about Seven of Nine, who had crashed on the planet with Chakotay. Seven decided to set out on her own to find the shuttle deflector so she could call for help since Chakotay was hurt and could not go with her. The girl followed her and during that night, as Seven was chilled from the cold and rain, the girl offered her a blanket and food and built a fire. Seven accepted her help and she led Seven to the shuttle deflector.

After Seven activated the deflector, the girl got too close to it and received a severe shock. At the same time, Captain Kathryn Janeway was able to contact her, but Seven stayed behind and nursed the girl back to health. (VOY: "Natural Law")

The Ventu girl was played by actress Autumn Reeser.

Ventu healer Edit

Ventu Healer

A Ventu healer

This Ventu healer was one of the leaders of his tribe. When Chakotay and Seven crash landed on the planet, Chakotay was injured and developed an infection. He decided not to make contact with the natives, so as not to interfere with their culture. However the infection grew worse, and Chakotay's life was in danger. The healer sent members of his tribe and they took Chakotay back to a cave where the healer treated his wound, and cured the infection. (VOY: "Natural Law")

The Ventu healer was played by actor Paul Sandman.

Ventu men Edit

These three Ventu men discovered Chakotay near their home place and brought him to their tribal leader. Chakotay, who suffered from an infection, was weak and could not prevent that one of the male Ventu took his communicator and destroyed it after Seven of Nine tried to contact Chakotay. Later these Ventu imitated Chakotay and painted their heads after Chakotay's tattoo. (VOY: "Natural Law")

All three Ventu were played by background performers, who received no credit for their appearance.

Ventu woman Edit

Ventu woman

A Ventu woman

This Ventu Woman was a member of a tribe on Ledos. When Chakotay tried to communicate with the tribal leader he asked for his female companion, Seven of Nine. The healer thought he asked for a woman and brought this woman to Chakotay, who discovered that she created a piece of jewelry from a part of the shuttle with which she imitated Seven of Nine's Borg eyepiece. (VOY: "Natural Law")

This Ventu woman was played by an unknown actress.