The following is a list of unnamed Kradin.

Guards Edit

These two Kradin guards accompanied Ambassador Treen aboard the USS Voyager in 2376. They were beamed into the transporter room where Captain Kathryn Janeway greeted them. Later, they were part of the contingent which beamed down to the planet surface to rescue Commander Chakotay. They arrested Brone. (VOY: "Nemesis")

These two Kradin guards were played by background actors Louis Ortiz and David Winburn.
They filmed their scenes on Tuesday 17 June 1997 and Wednesday 25 June 1997 on Paramount Stage 9 and 16.

Tsunkatse fighter Edit

Kradin tsunkatse fighter

A Kradin fighter

The Kradin was one of the fighters in a Tsunkatse match in 2376. He lost against his opponent and was carried out of the arena. (VOY: "Tsunkatse")

This Kradin was played by an unknown stunt performer.