The following is a list of unnamed Kesprytt.

Horath's secretary Edit

This male Prytt was working as a secretary to prime minister Horath when Commander Riker from the Enterprise-D contacted him. The Prytt was confused to be contacted by someone outside their territory and asked if this communication was authorized. He terminated the transmission a short time later after stating that he won't participate in any unauthorized communication. (TNG: "Attached")

This Prytt was voiced by an unknown actor.

Kes aides Edit

These three Kes aides were working for Ambassador Mauric in 2370. They've operated the equipment Mauric brought aboard the Enterprise-D. (TNG: "Attached")

The costume of Lydia Triplett was sold off on the It's A Wrap! sale and auction on eBay. [1]
One of the male aides was played by actor Michael Blackburn. His costume was later sold off on the web. [2]

Kes contact Edit

This male Kes was working on Security Relay Station One in 2370. He acknowledged Lieutenant Worf's information that Captain Picard and Dr. Crusher were ready for transport. He lowered the defense shields of the station and contacted Worf soon after that he was ready to welcome the captain and the chief medical officer aboard. Worf was confused as he already beamed the two aboard the station. (TNG: "Attached")

This Kes was voiced by an unknown actor.

Mauric's aide Edit

Mauric's aide

A Kes aide

This Kes aide accompanied Ambassador Mauric on board the USS Enterprise-D in 2370. He scanned Mauric's guest quarters on the ship to ensure there were no devices to spy on Mauric. He would also scan anyone including the Enterprise-D crew who wished to enter into Mauric's quarters. (TNG: "Attached")

This Kes aide was played by actor J.C. Stevens.

Prytt guards Edit

These Prytt guards were working for the Prytt Security Ministry in 2370. They assisted security minister Lorin in kidnapping and guarding the two Starfleet officers in one of their prisons. When the two escaped with the help of an undercover Kes agent four of the guards chased them through the Prytt territory and captured Dr. Crusher. (TNG: "Attached")

The costumes of the Prytt guards were sold off on the It's A Wrap! sale and auction on eBay including Cameron's [3], Rick Ryan's [4] and the other ones. [5] [6] [7] [8]

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