The following is a list of unnamed Kazon fighters.

Jabin's fighter Edit

Maje Jabin's ship

Jabin's fighter

This Kazon fighter was owned and operated by the Kazon-Ogla and was the ship captained by Maje Jabin.

When the away team from the USS Voyager was led to the settlement of the Kazon-Ogla on the surface of Ocampa, this vessel was parked near the settlement. Later, Jabin used it to attack Voyager to claim his right on the Caretaker's array. (VOY: "Caretaker")

Though not officially identified as a Kazon fighter, the scene depicting the vessel parked near the settlement identified it too small for a Kazon raider.

Jabin's fleet Edit

Ocampa surface

Two more Kazon fighters

Two more Kazon fighters were owned and operated by the Kazon-Ogla living on the surface of Ocampa. They were parked near the settlement in 2371. Later, one of these vessels assisted Maje Jabin's fighter in the attack of Voyager and the Maquis raider Val Jean. (VOY: "Caretaker")

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