The following is a list of unnamed Kantare.

Holograms Edit

These Kantare were holograms of their existing but deceased counterparts who "lived" aboard a derelict Kantare supply ship for over tweny years. They were recreated by Ezral who cared for his daughter Liana. The Kantare met the away team from Enterprise NX-01 in 2151. (ENT: "Oasis")

All Kantare were played by background performers who received no credit for their appearance. They filmed their scenes on Monday 28 January 2002, Tuesday 29 January 2002, Thursday 31 January 2002, and Monday 4 February 2002 on Paramount Stage 9.
Some of their costumes were later re-used for the Star Trek: Voyager episode "Random Thoughts" and the costume worn by Mike Stanosek was later sold off on the It's A Wrap! sale and auction on eBay. [1] [2]

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