List of unnamed Kantare.


Kantare guard

Kantare guard

This individual guarded Trip Tucker as he was forced to repair the computer core of a Kantare supply ship. He was later asked by Liana to leave the computer core room, so that she could assist Trip in deactivating the rest of the holographic crew. (ENT: "Oasis")


Tpol Tucker Oasis

Holographic Kantare

These Kantare were members of the Kantare vessel that was disabled by an ion storm. They along with most of the crew were killed when the vessel crashed. Ezral created holographic versions of them and other crewmembers to keep his daughter company. (ENT: "Oasis")

The guard mentioned above, Kuulan, and Liana were among the Kantare pictured. The rest were unnamed and played by unknown performers. One may have been played by Scott Topper.

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