List of unnamed Jem'Hadar battleships.

The Valiant's targetEdit

Dominion battleship (fore)

One of the first Jem'Hadar battleships to be introduced

This battleship was introduced in 2373. Captain Ramirez was given orders by Starfleet to use the USS Valiant to collect technical data on it.

After Ramirez and the senior officers of the Valiant were killed, Tim Watters decided to complete the mission. Several months later, the Red Squad cadets later detected the battleship and shadowed it for several hours.

The cadets later discovered what they thought was a design flaw and mounted an attack. The mission did not go according to plan and the battleship was not seriously damaged. The ship returned fire and eventually destroyed the Valiant. (DS9: "Valiant")

Cardassian base attackerEdit

Dominion battleship attack

A battleship fires on a Cardassian target

This battleship attacked and destroyed a base of the Cardassian Rebellion in late 2375. It was later featured on a Dominion propaganda message recorded by Weyoun. (DS9: "The Dogs of War")

Footage of this ship was reused from the above mentioned ship that appeared in "Valiant."

Orbiting CardassiaEdit

Dominion fleet regroups at Cardassia Prime

Several battleships in orbit of Cardassia

These battleships formed part of a Dominion defense perimeter around Cardassia Prime after the Dominion retreat from the Battle of Cardassia with the Federation Alliance. (DS9: "What You Leave Behind")

Visual comparison of the orbiting battleships compared to nearby vessels suggests that these ships are significantly larger than the other battleships mentioned above.