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List of unnamed Ilari.


The Autarch was the leader of the Ilari homeworld. An autarch is an absolute and dictatorial ruler. Tieran entered the ruling chamber and killed him in a takeover of the planet. (VOY: "Warlord")

The Autarch's name was never mentioned, although those of his sons were.
The Autarch was played by an unknown actor.

Ilari guardsEdit

Five Ilari guards were killed by Tieran as they tried to defend the Autarch.

One of the Ilari guards was played by stunt actor Chester E. Tripp III, who received no credit for his appearance. His costume was sold off on the It's A Wrap! sale and auction on eBay. [1]

Ilari representativeEdit

This Ilari representative was transported aboard USS Voyager and was killed by a phaser at the hands of Tieran who was inhabiting the body of Kes. (VOY: "Warlord")
Ilari representative was played by an unknown actor.

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