List of unnamed Idanians.

Female operative Edit

Arissa idanian

Arissa's Idanian identity.

This female Idanian operative was a member of Idanian Intelligence. She was married by 2371.

In the 2370s when Idanian Intelligence was investigating the Orion Syndicate, this operative volunteered for a mission to infiltrate Draim's organization. She was fit with a dataport and had her memories replaced with those of an alias named Arissa. Her memories were stored on a data crystal and kept by the Idanians. She also underwent surgery to get rid of her Idanian appearance and transported to Finnea Prime, where she woke up as Arissa. This procedure was to avoid suspicions of telepaths who worked for Draim.

In 2373, this operative's memories were restored on Deep Space 9 by Doctor Julian Bashir with the help of another operative who provided the agent's real stored identity. She realized her mission was successful, though, as Arissa, she had become romantically involved with Odo, who was helping to protect her from Draim. Despite this, and the fact that, in a sense, their connection was real, she returned home. Though they would probably not meet again, she said she would never forget him. (DS9: "A Simple Investigation")

Male operative Edit

Idanian man

An Idanian man

The male Idanian operative was a member of Idanian Intelligence who was investigating the Orion Syndicate. He helped Odo rescue Arissa, an undercover Idanian agent. He explained that they had Arissa under went an identity change and was left on Finnea Prime without any knowledge of her former life, so she could infiltrate the syndicate and secure evidence. He was very pleased with the way the operation went. Odo however, pointed out that one agent was killed and that Arissa was almost killed. (DS9: "A Simple Investigation")

The Idanian operative was played by actor Randy Mulkey.
The Star Trek Customizable Card Game gives his name as Marshor.
This operative was played by Dey Young.

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