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Unnamed Hazari

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The following is a list of unnamed Hazari.

Y'Sek's crewman

Y'Sek's crewman

Y'Sek's crewman

Y'Sek's crewman was a Hazari that was hunting for USS Voyager. They were hired as bounty hunters by the members of the Think Tank.

The crewman was reprimanded by Y'Sek because he thought that the crewman had destroyed the Voyager. This was part of a ruse to lure the Hazari ship and use a tractor beam to bring it into the shuttlebay.

Y'Sek and the crewman were beamed aboard. Captain Kathryn Janeway spoke with the Hazari and explained that they were both being manipulated by the Think Tank and should work together. Y'Sek and the crewman agreed, for the Think Tank had made numerous enemies and the bounty on them was more valuable. (VOY: "Think Tank")

The crewman was played by an unknown actor.

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