The following is a list of unnamed Entharans:

Guard Edit

Entharan Guard

An Entheran guard

This Entharan served as a guard. (VOY: "Retrospect")

He was uncredited played by extra Patrick Barnitt.

Magistrate Edit

Entharan magistrate

An Entharan magistrate

The Magistrate was the chief law enforcement officer for the Entharan traders. When Seven of Nine accused Kovin of violating her by stealing her nanoprobes, the Magistrate took the charges very seriouly, as the Entharans rely on trade as a method of survival and put great emphasis on maintaining good relations with their buyers. He helped Tuvok search Kovin's laboratory. They found regenerating nanoprobes and the Magistrate believed Kovin was guilty. It was later proved that what Seven experienced was flashbacks of her assimilation, and that Kovin was innocent. After contacting Kovin, the Magistrate was unable to convince him that the charges were false, and Kovin died when his ship exploded in the escape attempt. (VOY: "Retrospect")

Played by Adrian Sparks.

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