The following is a list of unnamed El-Aurians.

Guinan's family Edit

None of Guinan's family had a sense of humor except Guinan herself and her uncle, Terkim. (TNG: "Hollow Pursuits")

Guinan's father was born sometime before the 17th century. He was described as alive and well in 2369. (TNG: "Rascals") In 1893, after running into a time-lost Data, Guinan questioned whether her father had sent him to retrieve her. Data insisted that her father had not sent him. (TNG: "Time's Arrow")

Guinan's mother was born sometime before the 18th century and the sister of Terkim. She was still alive in 2366. Her daughter reminded her of her brother Terkim, both of which had a sense of humor and didn't fit in. (TNG: "Hollow Pursuits")

This family was only mentioned in dialogue.

Soran's children Edit

Tolian Soran's children and wife Leandra died in the Borg attack on El-Auria. Jean-Luc Picard mentioned them when trying to talk Soran down. (Star Trek Generations)

These children were only mentioned in dialogue.
The novelization gives them the names Emo and Mara.

SS Lakul Edit

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