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The following is a list of unnamed Delta Quadrant planetoids.

Dark matter nebula planetoids Edit

Dark matter nebula planetoid

A planetoid in a dark matter nebula

Star map of Komar nebula

star map of the nebula,(overlayed on a feed of a medicine wheel). Circled are three planetoids.

In 2371 the USS Voyager encountered several planetoids inside a dark matter nebula that the Komar called their home. (VOY: "Cathexis")

Vidiian planetoid Edit

Vidiian planetoid, Phage

A Vidiian planetoid

This rogue class M planetoid was thought to be an extremely rich source of dilithium, the biggest deposits ten to twenty kilometres inside the planetoid. This was an illusion created by the power source of a hidden Vidiian facility.

The planetoid also contained a system of subterranean caves with an oxygen-nitrogen atmosphere.

Neelix first visited the planet some three years before 2371. In 2371, he lead USS Voyager to the planetoid. Unfortunately while on (or rather under) the surface, his lungs were stolen by Vidiians Dereth and Motura. (VOY: "Phage")

The planetoid was also refered to as a planet and a moon.

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