List of unnamed Cytherians.

Representative Edit


The Cytherian representative

This representative greeted the USS Enterprise-D when it was transferred to the center of the galaxy by a subspace distortion initiated by Reginald Barclay after he had interfaced with the Argus Array.

The Cytherian explained that he and his people were explorers just like Humans, except they brought different species to them in order to exchange information, rather than leaving their homeworld. (TNG: "The Nth Degree")

The Cytherian was played by actor Kay E. Kuter.
The novel Takedown gives him the name "Caster" (β) and reveals that he is considered more open to new possibilities than traditional Cytherians, as he makes contact with Picard and Riker again after a Cytherian renegade tries to inspire hostility against her people to maintain their own solo status.