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List of unnamed Chokuzan.

Commander Edit

Chokuzan commander

A Chokuzan Commander

The Chokuzan commander was the captain of a warship that intercepted the Delta Flyer II in the Clevari system, ordering Q, Junior, to surrender, as he had violated Chokuzan space. The Chokuzan fired a weapon that injured Icheb with omicron radiation. Captain Janeway and Q, Junior returned to the Chokuzan starship, because in order to save Icheb they needed to know what type of weapon was used.

When the Chokuzan Captain agreed to give them the information to save Icheb, he also told them Captain Janeway would be punished for Q, Junior's actions. Junior did not agree and took full responsibility, even it meant execution, to save the life of his friend. The commander then revealed himself to be Q, and he was just testing his son's response. (VOY: "Q2")

The Chokuzan commander was played by Michael Kagan.

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