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Unnamed Boslics

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A list of unnamed Boslics.

22nd centuryEdit

Boslic male, Borderland

Slave trader

Slave traderEdit

This slave trader attended an Orion slave auction on Verex III in 2154. (ENT: "Borderland")

The male Boslic was played by Max Freeman.

24th centuryEdit

Boslic freighter CrewmembersEdit

The Boslic crewmembers served on a freighter that when arriving at Deep Space 9, was inspected Kurn who was a part of Odo's Bajoran security detail. (DS9: "Sons of Mogh")

The crewmembers were played by unknown actors.

Woman on Dessica II Edit

Boslic woman on Dessica II

A female Boslic

This Boslic woman was in a bar on Dessica II sitting next to a Nausicaan at the same time the crew of the USS Enterprise-D went undercover on the planet to search for their missing Captain, Jean-Luc Picard in early 2370. (TNG: "Gambit, Part I")

This woman was played by an unknown actress.

Boslic at Markonian outpost

A female Boslic

Woman at Markonian outpostEdit

This Boslic woman visited the Markonian outpost in 2376. She also took part in the exchange of technology and culture with the USS Voyager and visited the mess hall. (VOY: "Survival Instinct")

This woman was played by an unknown actress.

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