List of unnamed Bajoran raiders.

Lunar VEdit

While attempting to prove the Cardassians were behind the coup of the Bajoran Provisional Government, Kira Nerys opted to take a raider from the Bajor's Lunar V base to Bajor in order to avoid capture by Alliance for Global Unity influenced Bajoran Militia. With the assistance of Jadzia Dax, whose previous host Tobin Dax had experience with phase coil inverters and sub-impulse thrusters, she was able to locate a stored raider, which she hoped to use to fly to Bajor.

Despite its antiquated condition, much less its malfunctioning navigational sensors and inoperative phaser locks, the ship was able to achieve a high-altitude orbit over Bajor's moon before being intercepted and fired upon by two Bajoran impulse ships. Attempting to even the odds, Kira flew the raider into the atmosphere of Bajor where it engaged the two interceptors at thruster speeds.

The raider was able to shoot down one of the interceptors before weapons fire from the second ship hit a plasma conduit. The raider lost all thrusters and was forced to jettison its plasma tank moments before it crash landed in the forests surrounding outside the capital city. (DS9: "The Siege")


Several unnamed Bajoran raiders were appropriated by the Maquis, using them as attack fighters during their insurrection against the Cardassian Union. One of these engagements was an attack on the Cardassian cruiser Vetar, the ship sustained heavy damage before the attackers were driven off by the arrival of the USS Enterprise-D. (TNG: "Preemptive Strike")

This Maquis squadron containing Bajoran raiders among other ships was said to consist of Federation starships emitting Federation warp signatures. This suggests some of these interceptors were owned by Federation colonists and were possibly refitted with warp drives.