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Unnamed Alpha and Beta Quadrant starships (22nd century)

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List of unnamed starships belonging to various species who originated from the Alpha or Beta Quadrants.

Tret's containment vessel

Triglobulin harvester's starship

Triglobulin harvesters vessel, forward

Triglobin harvester's starship

This unidentified hostile vessel possessed high-yield particle weapons, heavy deflector shielding, a tractor beam and a grappling/drill used for piercing starship hulls.

In 2151, a vessel of this class attacked and killed the crew of an Axanar cargo ship, and later hooked the crew up to a bio pump which was used to extract triglobulin from their blood.

Triglobulin harvesters capture Enterprise

Triglobin harvesters capture Enterprise

Several days later, the hostile vessel returned and attacked Enterprise, which had discovered the Axanar vessel and had sent a distress call from the ship.

During the encounter, the hostile vessel was more than a match against the Earth ship's spatial torpedoes. The hostile vessel quickly disabled Enterprise's warp drive and captured the small Earth ship in its tractor beam. The hostile ship proceeded do a sub-molecular bioscan of the ship's crew, before locking onto the ship and beginning to drill into Enterprise's hull.

Before too much damage was done, the Enterprise was rescued by an Axanar combat vessel that first disabled the hostile alien's tractor beam, releasing Enterprise, before successfully destroying the ship in a one-sided fire fight. (ENT: "Fight or Flight")

"Shroomie" starship

Alien starship, Silent Enemy

An unidentified alien ship

In September 2151, this vessel of an unknown species destroyed the subspace relays Echo One and Echo Two. It also attacked the United Earth vessel Enterprise NX-01 twice. The third time it attempted to do so, Enterprise was ready for it and using their newly installed phase cannons, damaged the alien vessel to such an extent that it fled the scene at high impulse. It was never seen again.

In Star Trek Online, this vessel is identified as a S'golth class escort. Their owners are called the Elachi.

"Shroomie" shuttle

Alien shuttle silent enemy

The alien shuttle

Two members of this species boarded the Enterprise with a small shuttlecraft. (ENT: "Silent Enemy")

The CGI model of the alien ship and its shuttle can be seen at Doug Drexlers blog Drex Files. [X]wbm [X]wbm Early Design sketches of the ship can be found at John Eaves' personal blog. [1]

Xantoras evacuation transports

At least four unnamed transports were evacuating Xantoras in 2153 at the time of the arrival of the Enterprise NX-01 per the request of the Xantoran military.

Xantoras evacuation transport 4

Transport #4

The fourth vessel (right) that was evacuating the planet suffered a rupture to its reactor casings. The ship's captain requested permission to return to the surface after several of its compartments had flooded with radiation, causing injuries to several of the passengers and crew, including the Antaran Hudak. The ship's request was denied; subsequently assistance was rendered to the vessel by Enterprise. (ENT: "The Breach")

For information on transport #1, see VOY studio models; for transport #2, see DS9 studio models; and, for transport #3, see TNG studio models. Transport #4 appears to be a new CGI model.

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