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University of Alpha Centauri

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The University of Alpha Centauri was an university in the colony of Alpha Centauri. One of the majors offered to prospective students was Subspace Physics.

In the mid-24th century, Leah Brahms earned a Bachelor of Science, cum laude, in Subspace Physics. (TNG: "Booby Trap")

This university conducted research on the archaeological sites on Tagus III. (TNG: "Qpid")

Lieutenant Commander Data, while in command of the USS Sutherland, read the article "Bolt Wave Measurements in Subspace" from this university on a viewscreen while searching for clues on how to detect cloaked Romulan warbirds, during the Klingon Civil War in 2368. (TNG: "Redemption II")

In "Booby Trap," this university was mentioned on the biographical file of Dr. Brahms. For "Redemption II," the original graphics were replaced for the remastered project, and the reference to this university was added in.

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