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Ulani Belor

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Ulani Belor was a Cardassian subspace researcher who worked for the Cardassian Science Ministry in the late-24th century.

In 2371, she was sent to Deep Space 9 as a academic associate of Gilora Rejal, where they were to assist the Federation in their plans to install a subspace relay at Gamma Quadrant entrance to the Bajoran wormhole. She was part of a delegation that Yarka, a former Bajoran Vedek, believed was the fulfillment of Trakor's Third Prophecy and that the Celestial Temple would be destroyed. (DS9: "Destiny")

Belor was played by Wendy Robie in her only Star Trek appearance.
The script for "Destiny" states the pronunciation of Belor's first name as "oo-LAH-nee." Furthermore, she is described as "a pleasant and attractive woman." [1]

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