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Personnel assigned to the USS Yosemite in 2369.

Named Edit

Unnamed Edit

Crewman Edit

Yosemite crewman

A Yosemite crewman

This crewman was saved from the matter stream on the transporter by Reginald Barclay. He was trying to cleanse himself of the quasi-energy microbes, his pattern got trapped in the transporter and he couldn't escape. (TNG: "Realm of Fear")

This crewman was played by Thomas Belgrey.

Crewmembers Edit

Yosemite crew members

Three Yosemite crewmembers

These three crewmembers were rescued by a security team lead by Worf from a matter stream in a transporter. The crew were trying to cleanse themselves of the quasi-energy microbes, their patterns got trapped in the transporter and they couldn't escape. (TNG: "Realm of Fear")

These three crewmembers were played by unknown performers.

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