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USS Yeager (NCC-61947)

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USS Yeager
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USS Yeager

Class: Template:ShipClass
Registry: NCC-61947
Owner: United Federation of Planets
Operator: Starfleet
Status: Active (2373)
For the Template:ShipType starship, see USS Yeager (NCC-65674).

The USS Yeager (NCC-61947) was a Federation Template:ShipClass starship that was in service with Starfleet in the late 24th century.

In 2373, the Yeager fought against the Borg in the Battle of Sector 001. (Star Trek: First Contact)

The CGI rendering of this ship appeared in Star Trek: The Next Generation Sketchbook: The Movies. According to the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Technical Manual the Yeager had a registry number of NCC-81947.
The Yeager was named in honor of Chuck Yeager, the US test pilot who first broke the sound barrier. (Star Trek Encyclopedia 2nd ed., p. 571)

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