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USS Stargazer

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USS Stargazer

Stargazer dedication plaque

The following information was listed on the dedication plaque of USS Stargazer.

USS Stargazer
Starfleet registry NCC-2893
San Francisco Fleet Yards, Earth
United Federation of Planets
"To bring light into the darkness."
Michael Okuda has commented on the class name:
"The Stargazer dedication plaque did say "Constitution class," but we had already decided to drop that designation, even during preproduction. I asked Ed Charnock, our on-set painter, to mist over the plaque with a little black spray paint, to make it a little harder to read "Constitution". There wasn't time (or money) to have the plaque re-made, but the type was so small that it would have been very difficult to read the text on camera, even without the smudge. Also, the set lighting was dark, so I wasn't worried." [1]
The motto is inspired by the science fiction short story and subsequent novel written by Daniel Keyes Flowers for Algernon:
"They had pretended to be geniuses. But they were just ordinary men working blindly, pretending to be able to bring light into the darkness. Why is it that everyone lies? No one I know is what he appears to be."
Okuda further commented on the plaque:
"The dedication plaque indicated that the ship was built by "Federation Space Systems," and gave the ship's motto as "To bring light into the darkness." Herb Wright suggested that one." [2]

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