The following is a list of USS Relativity personnel:

Unnamed crewmembersEdit

Alien helmsmanEdit

Relativity alien

An alien helmsman aboard the USS Relativity

The helmsman of the Relativity was an individual of an unknown species. (VOY: "Relativity")

The alien helmsman was played by background actor Matthew Cannon Hanson who received no credit for this appearance.
He filmed his scenes on Friday 26 February 1999 on Paramount Stage 16 and had a makeup call at 6am and a set call at 8am. The call sheet is listing him as "Timeship Alien".

Bridge officersEdit

The uniforms were altered for this episode and were previously used as the Mokra Order soldier uniforms in the episode "Resistance" and the kradin uniforms in the episode "Nemesis". [1]

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