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USS Mekong

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USS Mekong
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USS Mekong

Class: Template:ShipClass
Owner: United Federation of Planets
Operator: Starfleet
Status: Abandoned (2371)

The USS Mekong was a Federation Template:ShipClass runabout that was in service with Starfleet in the late 24th century, attached to Deep Space 9. Mekong was a replacement for the USS Ganges.

In 2370, the Mekong, the USS Rio Grande, and the USS Orinoco fought two Maquis ships at the Bryma colony. (DS9: "The Maquis, Part II")

In late-2370, the Mekong was fitted with additional photon torpedoes and accompanied the USS Odyssey into the Gamma Quadrant in an attempt to rescue Commander Benjamin Sisko, then a prisoner of the Dominion. (DS9: "The Jem'Hadar")

In late-2371, Odo and Elim Garak took Mekong to the Unefra system in search of Enabran Tain. They located him, but were subsequently captured by the warbird commanded by Lovok and Tain, and sequestered in the warbird's shuttlebay on "E" Deck, Section 25. The runabout was then carried into the Gamma Quadrant. The Mekong was abandoned after Odo and Garak, attempting to escape the Battle of the Omarion Nebula, were beamed aboard the USS Defiant. (DS9: "The Die is Cast") The ship's fate is not known, although it was presumably destroyed as a new runabout, USS Rubicon, had been assigned to the station by the end of 2371, and the Mekong was never mentioned again. (DS9: "Family Business")

The Star Trek Encyclopedia (2nd ed., pp. 296, 473) listed two registries for this runabout: NCC-72617 in the main entry and NCC-72917 in the starship chart. The registry was seen briefly, yet not clearly, in "Whispers".
The Encyclopedia noted that the ship was named after the eponymous river in southeast Asia.
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