The USS Magellan was a 24th century Federation starship operated by Starfleet. In the 2360s, the Magellan was under the command of Captain Conklin. (TNG: "Starship Mine")

In 2369, the Magellan stopped at the Remmler Array for a baryon sweep. During the ship's visit, the crew performed a talent show. (TNG: "Starship Mine")

In 2372, upon learning the Evora were on the brink of warp capability, the Magellan made first contact with this species. (Star Trek: Insurrection)

In 2374, the Magellan was a part of the Starfleet attack force that fought in Operation Return. (DS9: "Sacrifice of Angels")

Background informationEdit

The USS Magellan was named for Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan mentioned in ENT: "Horizon". (Star Trek Encyclopedia, 3rd ed., p. 633)

According to the Star Trek Encyclopedia (2nd ed., p. 473), the Magellan was a Constellation-class star cruiser, with a registry of NCC-3069.

Galaxy wing

A Galaxy-wing attacking a Cardassian destroyer

According to USS Enterprise Owners' Workshop Manual, the Magellan was a Galaxy-class sister ship of the USS Enterprise-D, with a registry of NCC-71820. Dialogue and footage in "Sacrifice of Angels" also supports this, as the USS Venture was previously established as a Galaxy-class ship:

Sisko: "Ensign, have Galaxy-wings 91 and 93 engage those destroyers. All other ships, head for that opening. Anyone who makes it through doesn't stop until they reach Deep Space 9."

The subsequent shot was of two Galaxy-class starships attacking a Cardassian destroyer at close range.

Elim Garak: "Congratulations, Captain. You wanted them angry. They're angry."
Sisko: "The Magellan and the Venture are supposed to be protecting our starboard flank. They're in too tight..."

Information on the first contact made by the Magellan with the Evora was from a PADD seen briefly in the film "Star Trek: Insurrection". When the PADD was made, the Evora were known as the Bartisi. [1]

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