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USS Horizon

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USS Horizon
Daedalus class model.jpg

USS Horizon

Class: Template:ShipClass
Registry: NCC-176
Owner: United Federation of Planets
Operator: Starfleet
Status: Unknown (2160s)

The USS Horizon (NCC-176) was a Federation Template:ShipClass starship that was in service with Starfleet in the mid-22nd century.

A model of this ship was on display in the school aboard Deep Space 9 in early 2369. (DS9: "The Nagus")

Benjamin Sisko kept a model of this vessel in his office aboard Deep Space 9. (DS9: "Progress" et al.)


Background information

File:Daedalusclass USS Horizon.jpg


In the novel Starfleet: Year One, Captain Alonis Cobaryn was mentioned as taking command of the Horizon in 2167. It was also mentioned in the Strange New Worlds VII short story "Test of Character."

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