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USS Hera

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USS Hera
Owner: United Federation of Planets
Operator: Starfleet
Status: Missing (2370)

The USS Hera was a Federation starship that was in service to Starfleet in the mid-24th century. At the time of the ship's disappearance, in 2370, the Hera was under the command of Captain Silva La Forge. This starship had a crew of over three hundred that consisted mainly of Vulcans. The Hera's warp coils used trionic initiators.

In late 2369, seven months before the ship's disappearance, Silva La Forge assumed command of the starship. To celebrate her captaincy and to get to know her crew better, Captain La Forge hosted a party.

The following year, three weeks before her disappearance, the Hera received several new transfers including a chief engineer who liked to "juice" the engines. A week later, the Hera was in the same sector as the USS Enterprise-D.

Ten days before the ship's disappearance, the Hera traveled close to the planet Marijne VII before arriving at Deep Space 3. A day later, after receiving her orders, the ship left on a courier run, and was in communication with the space station for five days. On the sixth day, the station failed to establish a connection with the ship, and three days later, the Hera was declared missing.

A massive search mounted by the USS Excelsior and the USS Noble failed to discover any trace of the ship. The ship was believed lost and a memorial service was later held for the crew on Vulcan. (TNG: "Interface")

The cause of the Hera's disappearance was never revealed on-screen; however, Chakotay speculated that Federation ships which vanish under similar mysterious circumstances may be victims of the effects of chaotic space. (VOY: "The Fight")
According to the Star Trek Encyclopedia (2nd ed., p. 188), the Hera was a Template:ShipClass starship with the registry NCC-62006. The book further notes that the Hera was named after the Greek goddess.
Like the Hera, the USS Intrepid and USS T'Kumbra also had predominantly Vulcan crews.

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