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The following officers served aboard Constitution-class USS Exeter (NCC-1672) during the 2260s when her crew contracted a bacterial disease. All but the captain died in orbit of Omega IV in 2268:

Named personnelEdit

Unnamed personnelEdit

Exeter navigation officer

Navigation officer reduced to a pile of chemicals (Galloway standing above)

The USS Enterprise crew found the remains of desiccated personnel on the Exeter, including a male ensign in main engineering and several male bridge officers: a commander from the sciences division near the engineering station, a command division lieutenant at the helm/navigation console; an ensign at the communications station, an ensign from the sciences division, and an officer of unspecified rank near the environmental station.

When Spock and Galloway searched the Exeter's lower levels, they initially informed Captain Kirk that no crew was aboard, but many uniforms filled with dehydrated crystals were in the corridors. Dr. Leonard McCoy was later able to confirm that the minerals present near the uniforms were consistent in composition with Human bodies, sans water. (TOS: "The Omega Glory")

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