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The USS Enterprise Owners' Workshop Manual is a reference book, published in October 2010 by Haynes Publishing in collaboration with Simon & Schuster. Written by Ben Robinson and Marcus Riley, with Michael Okuda as a technical consultant, the work covers various incarnations of the USS Enterprise in the style of Haynes' car manuals.

A similarly conceived book, tentatively titled Starship Enterprise was proposed as early as 1999 to Pocket Books by would-be authors Mike and Denise Okuda, and would have featured artwork by Doug Drexler. The proposition was nixed by Chief Editor Margaret Clark, due to perceived lack of interest in the work. (Star Trek: The Magazine, Volume 1, issue 7, p. 61)

Original press releases announcing the work tied it into the release of 2009's Star Trek, and suggested that it would present the USS Enterprise from that film. [1] However, the final release does not feature that ship in any great detail – Robinson noted that "[T]here will come a time for a manual that covers that Enterprise, but for now it's best for it to stay a mystery". [2]

The full-color orthographic views of the various Enterprises were all new CGI builds by Robert Bonchune, whereas the black and white cut-away drawings were all done by John Lawson, save the ones of the USS Enterprise-A and the USS Enterprise-E. The latter was actually the template of Chris and Matt Cushman for their 1996 cut-away poster for Sci-Pub Tech and went uncredited. Chris Cushman ruefully commented, "The cutaway drawings for the Enterprise D and even more so the Enterprise E are lifts from our poster work. I would have loved to come on tonight to say that this was flattering, but I can't. Going to the back of the book you can clearly see that we are given no credit for our work! The lift of David Kimball's STMP Enterprise is clearly credited but not the work of my brother and myself." [3] Cushman's concerns were addressed by the publisher with the second printing of 2011, where credits were given.


From the publisher's catalog
The Starship Enterprise gets the Haynes treatment! This fascinating Haynes Manual features cutaway drawings, technical illustrations and photographs along with comprehensive background information and specifications on the technology used on board the USS Enterprise, in all its various incarnations.
Seasoned Star Trek writers lift the lid on the most iconic spaceship of all time, while accuracy and authority are guaranteed by Technical Consultant Michael Okuda.
This is one book no Star Trek fan should be without.
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