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Alternate Reality
(split 2233)
USS Enterprise
USS Enterprise (alternate reality), 2259.jpg

The Enterprise in 2259

The Enterprise in 2259
Class: Constitution-class
Registry: NCC-1701
Owner: United Federation of Planets
Operator: Starfleet
Status: Active (2259)
For the prime universe counterpart, please see USS Enterprise (NCC-1701).
"Her five year mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no one has gone before."

The USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) was a 23rd century Federation Constitution-class starship operated by Starfleet. Launched in 2258, she was officially made the Federation flagship. (Star Trek)


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Service history Edit

USS Enterprise (alternate reality) under construction

The Enterprise under construction in Iowa

The Enterprise was under construction around 2255 at the Riverside Shipyard, in Iowa and launched into service from the San Francisco Fleet Yards, Earth. (Star Trek)

Events in the movie show the ship under initial construction in Iowa, but the ship's official dedication plaque lists her as being from the San Francisco Fleet Yards, indicating that at some point prior to launch the unfinished vessel was either transferred there or that the Riverside Shipyard was a branch of the San Francisco Fleet Yards.
USS Enterprise (alternate reality), profile

The Enterprise ready for launch

In 2258, the ship's planned maiden voyage, under the command of Christopher Pike, was brought forward after Earth received a distress call from Vulcan while the bulk of the fleet engaged in the Laurentian system. As a result, the Enterprise was crewed primarily by Starfleet Academy cadets.

USS Enterprise departs Starbase 1, 2258

The Enterprise departs spacedock

The ship launched from Starbase 1 with seven other starships to respond to the call, including the USS Farragut, the USS Truman, and the USS Hood. However, its departure was delayed because helmsman Hikaru Sulu forgot to disengage the inertial damper which actually saved the ship after it arrived shortly after the rescue fleet had been destroyed by the Romulan mining ship Narada.

Enterprise evading shipwrecks

The Enterprise warps into Nero's mess

The Enterprise proved to be no match for the technologically-advanced missiles of the Narada. Fortunately, Nero recognized the Enterprise as the vessel that Spock served on. He chose not to destroy the Enterprise to let Spock see the destruction of Vulcan. Enterprise found that it was unable to contact Starfleet or to begin evacuating the inhabitants of Vulcan, as the Narada's drill platform, while in operation, prevented communications and transporter use. Despite the sabotage of the drill platform, Nero launched a container of red matter into the planet core, which created a singularity that caused Vulcan to implode, killing all but 10,000 Vulcans.

Following the destruction of Vulcan and the capture of Captain Pike, acting captain Spock intended to take the Enterprise to rendezvous with the rest of the fleet at the Laurentian system, but acting first officer James T. Kirk thought it better to attempt to stop Nero first. A fight ensues, and Spock then marooned Kirk for mutiny on Delta Vega, but Kirk managed to beam back on with the help of another Spock and Scotty. Spock was forced to resign his command to Kirk according to Regulation 619, and the Enterprise reversed course in an attempt to intercept the Narada before it could strike Earth.

USS Enterprise (alternate reality) hides in Saturn's rings

The Enterprise rises above Titan

Emerging from warp in the atmosphere of Titan, the Enterprise hid from the Narada's sensors using the magnetic distortion of Saturn's rings, while beaming Spock and Kirk aboard the Romulan ship before its drill could be ignited. However, the duo could not be rescued as the drill was ignited shortly after. Kirk then rescued Pike, while Spock confiscated the Jellyfish and used it to destroy the drill.

USS Enterprise firing on Narada

The Enterprise fires on the Narada's missiles

Spock then warped out of the system, with Nero pursuing. Spock set a collision course, and Nero launched his remaining missiles to defend the Narada. The Enterprise then warped in, firing phasers full spread, destroying the missiles, and allowing Spock to continue. Shortly before impact, Spock, Kirk, and Pike were beamed out by Scotty onto the Enterprise.

Enterprise pulled in

The Enterprise being pulled into the black hole

The impact ignited the red matter aboard the Jellyfish, creating a black hole which consumed the Narada and caused the ship to be stuck, when Kirk offered assistance. Nero refused, saying that "He would suffer the death of Romulus a thousand times," and that "he would rather die in agony than receive the Enterprise's assistance." Kirk acknowledged the refusal and the Enterprise brought all her phasers and photon torpedoes to bear on the Narada, firing on the ship and blasting it to pieces, causing the massive mining ship to collapse and be pulled into the black hole. The Enterprise was nearly pulled into the black hole as well, but the ship was saved when the ship's warp core was ejected and detonated, the resulting shock wave of which propelled the Enterprise to safety.

Following the successful mission of the Enterprise, Pike was promoted to admiral, and James Kirk was assigned to command the Enterprise as his relief. He subsequently chose Spock as his first officer. (Star Trek)

USS Enterprise resurfacing on Nibiru

Enterprise resurfacing on Nibiru

In 2259, the Enterprise was sent to survey Nibiru when the crew discovered a volcanic eruption would render the primitive Nibirans extinct. Kirk parked the Enterprise underwater, despite Scotty's protests, and this ultimately forced Kirk to expose the ship to the natives in order to transport Spock out of the volcano before the cold fusion device he placed detonated. After appearing to the natives, the Nibirans drew a sketch of the Enterprise in the ground and began to worship the ship as a deity, in violation of the Prime Directive. Returning to Earth, Kirk was demoted, but Pike convinced Admiral Alexander Marcus to let him appoint Kirk as his first officer.

USS Enterprise departs Starbase 1, 2259

The Enterprise departs Starbase 1

That evening, the rogue agent John Harrison attacked Starfleet Headquarters to assassinate Marcus, but killed Pike instead. Marcus gave a vengeful Kirk permission to take the Enterprise to Qo'noS where Harrison had fled, and fire on his location with 72 advanced long-range torpedoes. Chief Engineer Scott protested the loading of the photon torpedoes aboard Enterprise without his chance to examine them, offering his resignation, which Kirk accepted. Chekov was appointed as Scotty's replacement.

Enterprise and Vengeance face off

Enterprise and Vengeance come face to face

Kirk found Harrison on Qo'noS and had him brought to the brig. Harrison was reticent about his motives, but suggested Kirk examined the torpedoes Marcus gave him, and also gave him a set of coordinates, which the captain sent to Scotty to investigate. Marcus's daughter Carol and McCoy opened up a torpedo and discovered it held a man in cryogenic stasis. Harrison revealed he was Khan Noonien Singh and the torpedoes held his fellow Augments, whom Marcus had threatened him into cooperation with. Marcus arrived in the USS Vengeance and demanded Kirk hand over Khan, but Kirk refused, intending to expose the conspiracy by bringing Khan to trial on Earth.

USS Vengeance fires on the USS Enterprise

The USS Vengeance fires on the USS Enterprise

The Vengeance caught up with the Enterprise at warp and fired on it, halting it as it arrived just outside Earth. Marcus beamed up his daughter before preparing to wipe out all other witnesses to his plot, but Scotty, who had snuck aboard the Vengeance at the coordinates given by Khan, deactivated its weapons. Kirk and Khan donned thruster suits to commandeer the Vengeance, while Spock ordered McCoy to remove the cryotubes from the torpedoes.

USS Enterprise falling to Earth

The Enterprise crippled and spiraling down to Earth

Enterprise's upgraded impulse drive

The Enterprise's refitted impulse engine and nacelle fins

Aboard the Vengeance, Khan killed Admiral Marcus and demanded Spock hand over the torpedoes in exchange for Kirk, Scotty and Carol and the safety of the Enterprise. Spock, knowing Khan would renege on letting the Enterprise survive, set the transported torpedoes to detonate in the Vengeance's cargo bay. The damage inflicted caused both ships to hurtle to Earth, but Kirk was able to repair the warp core before the Enterprise crashed.

Following nearly a year of repairs, the Enterprise was rechristened and refitted to become the first starship to embark on a five-year mission. (Star Trek Into Darkness)

Command crewEdit

USS Enterprise alternate universe bridge forward

Pike in command

USS Enterprise (alternate reality) bridge

Kirk in command

This information establishes that Captain Pike and Spock were the only members of the prime Enterprise command crew from before Kirk who are known to have served on board the ship in the alternate reality. Officers such as Number One, Petty Officer Garison, Yeoman J.M. Colt, Chief Pitcairn, Phillip Boyce, and José Tyler do not appear.

See also: USS Enterprise personnel (alternate reality)


Appearances Edit


STCTD-USS Enterprise alternate reality 2230s

The previous USS Enterprise of the alternate reality

Star Trek: Countdown to Darkness, Issue #2 shows that the Enterprise had a predecessor in the alternate reality that existed long after the Enterprise NX-01. This previous USS Enterprise (β) was in service during the late-2230s until it was decommissioned in 2257. It was commanded by the alternate reality's Robert April (β) until 2239, and according to the biography on the Star Trek movie app, Christopher Pike was appointed captain of this Enterprise in 2254.

The 2013 virtual collectible card battle game Star Trek: Rivals has the USS Enterprise as card #108.

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