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USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-C) personnel

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The following is a list of crewmembers of the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-C) in 2344.

Crew manifest

All crewmembers seen were Human.
Name Rank (final) Position Division Notes
Castillo, Richard Captain commanding officer Command Originally Lieutenant Junior Grade; took command after Garrett's death
Fredericks   acting helmsman Enlisted Rank unknown
Garrett, Rachel Captain commanding officer Command KIA during an excursion to an alternate 2366.
Parker Crewman operations officer Enlisted  
Yar, Natasha Lieutenant acting tactical officer Operations Originated from an alternate 2366. Taken hostage by Romulans.

Unnamed personnel

Bridge crew

Beside Captain Garrett, these three crewmembers were found dead on the bridge of the Enterprise-C by an away team from the USS Enterprise-D. (TNG: "Yesterday's Enterprise")

Com voice

This Enterprise-C crewmember acknowledged the orders of Lieutenant Richard Castillo regarding the phaser efficiency over com. (TNG: "Yesterday's Enterprise")

This crewmember was voiced by an unknown actor.


These four crewmembers were part of the bridge crew and repaired the ships systems. (TNG: "Yesterday's Enterprise")

Wounded crewmembers

These three crewmembers were wounded in the Romulan attack at Narendra III and treated in the sickbay aboard the Enterprise-D. (TNG: "Yesterday's Enterprise")

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