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Defiant could refer to:

  • One of the various Federation starships of that name:
    • USS Defiant (NCC-1764), a Constitution-class starship
    • USS Defiant (2370), lead ship of the class, the first Defiant-class starship to bear the name
    • USS Defiant (2375), the second Defiant-class starship to bear the name (formerly the USS Sao Paulo)
    • The Defiant, an alternate universe ship mentioned only in the script of Star Trek.
  • The ISS Defiant, a Terran Rebellion starship from the 24th century mirror universe
  • HMS Defiant, The British Royal Navy ship
  • The Defiant-class escort, a Federation starship type
  • "Defiant", a Season Three episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
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