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Type 6 photon torpedo

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USS Voyager firing a photon torpedo

Voyager firing photon torpedoes

The Type 6 photon torpedo was a type of photon torpedo used by Intrepid-class starships.

In 2370, B'Elanna Torres programmed the Cardassian ATR-4107 shields to adjust to all known weapons, including those used by Starfleet. When she last accessed the missile on stardate 47582, the USS Voyager, which was equipped with this type of torpedo, was not in service.

In 2372, the Voyager attempted to disable the missile's drive systems with torpedoes. As the torpedoes approached the missile, it scanned the weapons and adapted its shields. The torpedoes exploded harmlessly against the shields and the missile was undamaged. (VOY: "Dreadnought")

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