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Tykens Rift being dream

The Tyken's Rift being appearing in Troi's dream

Alien ship, Tykens Rift

Alien's vessel escapes the Tyken's Rift

The Tyken's Rift being was a lifeform which was trapped in a Tyken's Rift near an uncharted binary star system.

Unnoticed by the crew of the USS Brattain and later the USS Enterprise-D in 2367, the being tried to communicate with the crew during their sleep and was responsible for the loss of the REM sleep. Betazoids were able to communicate with this being in their REM phase although the communication attempt was not clear.

The being tried to communicate with Andrus Hagan, the Betazoid science adviser on the Brattain and was thereby inadvertently responsible for the madness and the final death of the crew except Hagan, who was left in a coma-like status.

Deanna Troi was able to communicate with this being and discovered that this species was trapped in the Tyken's Rift like the starship crews. With Data's help they planned an attempt to leave the rift by helping the being to create an explosion. Troi, manually set by Doctor Beverly Crusher into the REM sleep, informed the being that the Enterprise-D will help them and release hydrogen from their Bussard collectors. The being finally appeared as a bright Human silhouette before Troi woke up.

After the following explosion, a glowing round vessel escaped from the rift. (TNG: "Night Terrors")

The voice of the being was provided by an unknown actor.

Memorable quoteEdit

"See the the dark! One moon...circles!"

-Tyken's Rift being describing hydrogen (2367)

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