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Tycho IV

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Tycho IV
Tycho IV.jpg

Tycho IV from orbit

Type: Planet
Native Species: Dikironium cloud creature
Location: Tycho system
Tycho IV surface.jpg

The surface of Tycho IV

Tycho IV crater

Tycho IV after the antimatter explosion

Tycho IV was an uninhabited planet. This was the homeworld of the sentient dikironium cloud creature. It was the fourth planet of the Tycho planetary system.

The planet's atmosphere was capable of supporting humanoid life-forms. This planet was located over a thousand light years from Argus X.

Tycho IV was initially visited by the Federation starship USS Farragut in 2257. During the mission, the Farragut crew encountered the planet's native dikironium cloud creature, an encounter that ultimately cost the lives of two hundred men, over half the crew, including the ship's commanding officer Captain Garrovick. Lieutenant James Kirk experienced survivor's guilt at being one of the lucky half of Farragut's crew to leave Tycho alive.

While Kirk hunted the creature years later after encountering it again on Argus X as captain of the USS Enterprise, he followed up on a hunch which led him to Tycho IV. Assisted by Ensign Garrovick, the son of his former captain, he beamed down to Tycho IV with an antimatter bomb, which destroyed the creature, cratered the planet, and ripped half its atmosphere away. (TOS: "Obsession")

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