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Ty Kajada was a female Kobliad Security officer in 2369. She had pursued criminal scientist Rao Vantika for twenty years. After Kajada finally captured him, Vantika set the Reyab, the ship he was transported on, on fire in order to escape.

Major Kira Nerys and Doctor Julian Bashir beamed over to discover Kajada injured, and Vantika near death. Vantika transferred his consciousness to Doctor Bashir before he died.

After Kajada was brought to space station Deep Space 9, she insisted that Vantika could still be alive, living in someone's consciousness. At first the crew of the station suspected Kajada, thinking that Vantika could be occupying her brain without her knowledge. Later Vantika, in Bashir's body, tried to kill Kajada, throwing her off the third floor balcony of Quark's. After it was removed from Bashir, Kajada destroyed Vantika's consciousness as it lay within a containment field. (DS9: "The Passenger")

Ty Kajada was played by Caitlin Brown.

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