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Scotty faces the ultimate engineering challenge: to spin a planet!

Twilight's End is a Pocket TOS novel – #77 in the numbered series – written by Jerry Oltion. Published by Pocket Books, it was first released in January 1996.

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From the book jacket
Unlike most planets, Rimillia does not spin upon its axis, so its day and night sides are subjected to perpetual extremes of hot and cold. Habitation has only been possible on a thin band of the planet's surface…until now.
Using gigantic impulse engines of unimaginable power, the alien Dumada intend to start Rimillia rotating, rendering the entire world fit for colonization. Yet some fear the enormous stresses involved may instead tear the planet apart.
Assigned to assist the Dumada, Captain Kirk must rescue a kidnapped scientist vital to the rotation project. But, once the giant engines are activated, can even Scotty save Rimillia – and the USS Enterprise – from total destruction?

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USS Enterprise; Dumada; Rimillia

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